WHo Is King Turt?

King Turt is hip hop in its rawest form coming out of Atlanta Ga. he's the CEO of Born Broke Die Rich Music Group, a label that collaborates with Thump Lord Productions in artist development. In 2019 King Turt won a competition named "Who's the Hottest" in which he became the champion for the state of Georgia. 

At the age of 9, he began writing poetry but grew to love jazz. Creating music became an obsession and later he would record his first rap song. Growing up in Decatur on the eastside of Atlanta this is where his dreams of financial freedom began. It was being surrounded by poverty, drug dealing, and witnessing close friends die or become a victim of the system, that he decided he would express the street life that plaque every ghetto around the world but in a way that gave hope and wisdom to the listener. 

As he started sharing his music he noticed the impact of songs titled " 2 Be Black" which he wrote after the assassination of George Floyd which caused several emotional rioters who began to trash the city of Atlanta and other cities across America. The Brand Born Broke Die Rich is the summarization of every hustler. His Brand is the resurrection of hip hop!!!

On the set of "Stand Behind The Throne" Video Shoot